What Changes we’ve made

We’ve had to make some changes in the stores to ensure the safety of our colleagues and for customers as well. Whilst we know it isn’t ideal we hope you understand the reasons why, we want to continue to serve you and ensure that the stores are as safe an environment as they can be. So far we have changed the following ….

  • We are closing our stores an hour early to ensure a deeper clean of the store.
  • New hygiene protocols have been put in place in each store – ensuring we are keeping on top of high volume areas in particular
  • We are limiting the amount of customers in the store at any one time
  • We are enforcing Social distancing in the store and have create 2m queuing zones
  • Restricting the amount of products customers can buy in a single shop – this is to make sure there is enough to go around; we don’t have the stock holding of some of the larger stores.
  • We have a strict exclusion zone at the point of purchase in all the stores
  • We have asked all customer to pay by card or contactless where they can
  • When merchandising a delivery the aisle being worked by staff is closed off
  • All staff are using gloves when on the shop floor or on the tills and we are bringing  in face visors for extra protection
  • All our Subways have closed
  • All stores have had increased hand sanitisers  for the staff
  • All customer toilets have closed to reduce the risk of contamination
  • A wipes station is present in every store
  • Pumps are wipes down regularly and gloves provided for customer use

As a business we are taking each day as it comes and addressing the challenges this brings, things may change and we will clearly communicate in the stores and on Facebook when they do, once again thank you for your custom and patience during this time.

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