Trish celebrates 70 years young!

Last week Trish, the co-manager of Cannon Pool celebrated her 70th Birthday. Being the hard worker she is, she actually had to be forced by the other staff to take time off to celebrate! Trish joined the company in January 1989 as a cashier and soon developed an extensive knowledge of the store. Within time Trish was offered the co-management of the store with her daughter, Ginette, and the rest is history.

Trish is often found on site at 8pm at night and later, she never leaves until she is satisfied that all her work is done. She is very dedicated to her role and shows no sign or want of slowing down.

Outside of work Trish’s passion is her dogs. She is an international dog show judge and breeder for Chocolate Labradors! Busy lady! Thank you Trish, you are an asset to the business and much loved by all.


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