Romantic Bouquet Winner(s)!!!

Well, last months prize draw we were treated to some fantastic stories and some very deserving reasons for winning the lovely bouquet of flowers from Cotswold Flower Barn, our local flower supplier at Yarnton. In the end there could only be one winner, though in this case it turned out to be two! Mary Clarke from Yarnton put forward two twins who are more than deserving….

‘I'd like to give these flowers to wonderful twin sisters Naida and Brenda - both of whom will be 97 years old on 26th February and who now live together after being widowed. They would be given as a Happy Birthday gift from our Choir (Kidllngton Amateur Operatic Society) of whom Naida has been a member and Brenda a supporter for over 40 years. They both worked at Bletchley park in the war years and are amazing women.  We hope you liked them Naida and Brenda and had a lovely Birthday!

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