Trish makes it 30!

The Directors and Management are very, very proud to share with you all that Trish Parrot at Cannon Pool has made it to 30 years working for Fraser's Retail!
For those of you who don't know, Trish co-manages Cannon Pool with her daughter Ginette, and has become the bed-rock of the site. Trish has seen a lot of change in her time with the company, but has always remained consistent with her calm presence, her hard working attitude and a great sense of humour to boot.

We are incredibly grateful for the hard work that she puts in and how she lives and breathes the store.  It goes without saying that Trish must being doing something right, with her daughter Ginette, Derek and herself making up 100 years of service to the company, with a few others not far behind either. A huge thank you to Trish for everything she does for the site, we know that she'll be one to shy away from any attention but wanted to acknowledge her time with us and what a great job she does! 

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