Promotions at Brize

We are very proud to announce not one, but three promotions at Brize with Tracey, Laura and Kieran all being recognised for their hard work at the store.

Tracy Farley has been ever present for nearly 20 years. She has a vast amount of knowledge, not just of the industry but of Brize and the customers and knows most of them by sight if not their name. Her promotion to the assistant manager at Brize Norton is long overdue and well deserved! 

Laura Prew and Kieran Quinn were thrown into the deep end at the Subway last November but have risen to the challenge very well. Whilst they had previously worked together, they hadn't  as a management team. With Laura now the Subway manager and Kieran her assistant they are the dynamic duo that keeps Brize Subway moving forward serving the hungry mouths of RAF Brize.  

As a business we are always keen to promote from within so are very proud to be making these announcements.

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