2019 plastic bag count!

As you will be aware we collect for our respective charities through the 'plastic bag tax'. We've run the numbers the year and are really pleased to say we raised a fantastic £4042.35 for good causes in 2019. The amount of plastic bags used keep dropping too, which is great to see as we look to eradicate them from store in 2020. During the coming year we shall bags as we look to find alternatives to plastic so watch this space. That won’t impact what we do with our respective charities as we’ll find other ways to contribute

Breakdown for each store below

Brize (Sobell House) = £610.8

Three Mile Cross (Sue Ryder) = £1295.35

Marlborough  (St Marys School) = £255.70

Canon Pool  (Sobell House) = £734.20

Yarnton (Sobell House) = £1146.30

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