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Summer is in full swing with August being peak holiday season, and whilst some have been lucky enough to battle the airports and get away, many are making the most of what our beautiful country has to offer. Be it camping in Cumbria, caravanning in Cornwall or paddle boarding in Pembrokeshire the UK is showing just why a staycation can be as good, if not better, than going abroad.

The last month has been a hot and dry one, reaching the sweltering high of 38 degrees. We can’t remember the last time we looked forward to a bit of rain, the gardens are certainly in need! Though don't say it too loud, but there is another potential heat wave on route. Something to be aware of but who knows if it'll come to fruition.

With the summery vibe what was better than the Lionesses going all the way in the Euros, doing the country proud! That and the successes in the Commonwealth games help give an air of positivity this Summer. Though with the games coming to an end shortly a big sporting hole needs to be filled… well, never fear, love it or loath it the Premier League starts this Friday the 5th August (is that early?!), so get ready for another action packed and emotional rollercoaster!

This month’s free product is a perfect treat for anyone looking for a moreish snack. We’ve managed to get our hands on a lovely chocolate ring doughnut - delicious! Make the most of this by downloading your voucher and taking it to store.

As Summer rolls on and picnics are a must, the monthly Prize draw may be just what you’re after. We’ve managed to get our hands on a wonderful hamper from fine foods specialist Holleys. Just pop to the prize draw section to find out how you can grab this great prize!

So, with long  hot Summer days & nights this August let’s try and make the most of the great British Summer.

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Robert and Hugh

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