October Prize Draw Winner

Congratulations to Mary Thornett who’s Halloween themed short story certainly put a chill down our spine…
It was a cold wet dreary night, out walking with my dog, and children, to get to the main road we walked up a long dark lane, trees overhanging and wet, covered in slimy cobwebs, which leads to the church where we also have to pass through, we entered the church yard, where my children ran off, suddenly, there was a scream from afar, I ran as my children had disappeared!!

The dog went frantic and drew my attention to a grave that had opened displaying a massive hole! I screamed!!!! My children were nowhere to be seen! Then out of the grave popped a skeleton! Holding an axe, I trembled from head to foot, and screamed my children’s names, suddenly they shook me and I woke up in a state of shock and despair, but my children were safe! And so was I tucked up warmly in my bed.

Thanks for the story Mary… enjoy the goodies!

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