Employee of the Month: Lesley Cooper (Head Office)

Lesley started working for Fraser's Retail in May 1999 as a part time cashier at our Didcot store. Her potential was quickly recognised and she was offered her more hours to go full time and was promoted to supervisor soon after.

During her time at Didcot she also was trained to work in the post office prior to the site going over to the Co-Op.

After the site went to Co-Op she took a role at Head office where she now looks after the Three Mile Cross account. Since the store opened Lesley has shown great dedication and commitment in getting the new account set up. It takes a lot of time, planning, organization and creates a lot of extra work, having to deal with a lot of different people to get it done properly! Things have now settled down and we couldn't think of a more deserving person for employee of the month. Well done Lesley.

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